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I LOVE MY MOM!! There I said it… i love my MOM!! I am thankful to my mom for all the boo boos she kissed to make better, all the PB&J sandwiches made, all the lunches packed, all the handmade Halloween outfits made, all the late nights she stayed up to make sure that I was ok and I am most thankful that God gave me a mother like MY MOM!!! I LOVE MY MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and all the mom’s to be! Moms are what make the world go round.

As Mother’s Day comes to a close I encourage us all to tell all those close to us each and every day how thankful we are to have them in our life and that we love them a whole lot. 

Let’s show the WORLD how much we love our mom’s by getting TONS of likes for this POST. I encourage you, like this page if you love your mom. 🙂


Here is a very touching video about a parent’s love (I know it is about a father and daughter but I still feel it applies – enjoy & share) –

In celebration of Mother’s Day I would like to talk about how to find that extra special home for Mom, Dad or heck even yourself without having to fight off a million cash offers or having to pay WAY above asking price.

Now i guarantee you if i ask people where can I find homes for sale, the vast majority of people will point me to a Realtor or real estate company and I would have to agree because heck I am part of that crew. However, i have to warn you that even if you go to a real estate company and begin to work with a Realtor, that Realtor better know what they are doing because if they think they can just go on the MLS (multiple listing system) to find your home, well I am sad to say that is what every other Realtor is doing and that just will not cut it anymore. Now I could go into details to tell you all the ins and outs of how to find properties but I will give you some heavy hitter tips that should help your search. NOTE: Even though you can find the properties on your own and you can do all the legal work on your own, I still would encourage you to work with a Realtor because they are in the market day in and day out and the legal paperwork can be a nightmare and can get you messed up if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. That being said – work with a realtor so that you can have all your I’s dotted and all your T’s crossed. Heck I can read on the internet how to give myself a colonoscopy but you don’t see me going out and doing it.

Ok, now that we all have the image in our mind lets mention where we can find your next home:

1) any IDX website – this is the public version of the MLS

2) any and all FOR SALE BY OWNER websites – I encourage you to call and talk to these people. A lot of time they have other properties for sale that they have not had the chance to list. As well, these people are usually eager to sell because they pay GOOD $$ to be on those sites. EX. http://www.forsalebyowner.com/

3) classified websites – theses are a GOLD mine for new homes that people are selling

3) classified websites – but this time look at the RENTAL properties – call the ones that have been on there for a while and talk to the owner about selling their home or perhaps about doing a LEASE with an option to OWN

4) HOME PATH websites – although these homes are at times listed on the MLS – you can contact them and get them to email you the list of upcoming homes that will be going on the market – Now home path homes can be a bit tricky to work with and this is where you want a Realtor who is experienced and who can help you through it.

5) Government owned or repossessed homes – just Google these terms or a variation of them and I guarantee you you will find a plethora of sites that have these homes for sale and at great prices

6) REO home lists – AKA bank owned homes – once again you will need a Realtor who is experienced with these because they can be a bit tricky

7) public records – go down to your court house and ask them to provide you with a list of everyone’s home that has been issued a NOTICE OF DEFAULT because this means that the bank or institution has begun the process of foreclosure on a home because the owners have not paid or are late. I would encourage you gather up the addresses and go with another person and go knock on some doors – you can talk to them about how you can help relieve their pain – now these could go a bunch of ways. You could get into the whole SHORT SALE track or in an owner financing position as well, once again that is why you need to be working with a Realtor unless you want to work TONS of hours on learning the ins and outs of SHORT SALES and such.

Well there you go 7 options to find homes that are on and off the market.  But then again this is only the tip of the iceberg. As always, if I or any members on my Real Estate Team can ever be of service to you or if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email: acevedoremax@gmail.com, Call/Text: 954.610.9112.

Happy buying, selling and investing – there is no better time to get started than now! & remember a little education goes a long way!!  – Eddie

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