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I decided today that I would just add some encouraging notes to those of you who are going to be future buyers and/or renters. Buying and/or renting can be an extremely exciting times for you and you earned in. I bet you saved and worked extremely hard to have this opportunity, I congratulate you.** high five** There are a few things I have witnessed throughout the years of being involved in Real Estate that all buyers and renters should look into while buying or renting.

First I encourage buyers and renters alike to start early. Buyers I would recommend that you begin your searching months ahead of your desired time frame to find your home. Of course, this is only after you have go through the pre-approval process (as discussed in a previous blog). During the pre-approval process I would recommend you start figuring out which neighborhood you would like to live or perhaps what amenities you’d like to have access to. I would definitely research school ratings as well as crime rates. I recommend NEVER go on what your best friends cousin has to say about the neighborhood but rather do the work yourself. Trust me it will pay off and give you peace of mind and SAVE you TONS of time. 

Renters I would implore you to look between 45-30 days out from your expected move date. I encourage renters to have a shorter span to look because owners of rental properties are not looking to have their home or investment be “held” for months on end for prospective tenants. They want a qualified individual(s) in their home ASAP so that they can have the money rolling in sooner rather than later.  

Remember to an owner or seller look at the numbers and a good owner or seller would not become emotionally involved in the transaction and you have to think this way in order to get into their mind. You must think like the owner or seller to make your offer stand out above the rest and that rings true with buyers or renters.

Now let’s say you have pre-approval and you have found the neighborhood you want to be in, now is the fun part. {What follows can apply to bother buyers and renters}. You can go about this in two ways. 1) you can find yourself a qualified Real Estate agent – you have to do your homework through because all agents are not created equal you need one who knows where to look for homes, how to present and offer in the right manner and that’s just the tip of the iceberg 2) you can do the searching on your own as well as all the other duties an agent would do for you. In short you have to be an agent (and remember it’s a full time job) it’s not impossible but be very cautious with all the legal documents and procedures. I have witnessed too many people attempt to do it on their own and they mess up. It wasn’t because they were incapable, they were just unaware. Please proceed with caution. 

Now let’s say you have searched high and low and you (or your Realtor)  has found you your dream home. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!! You have to be ready to JUMP on it. You have you be prepared both financially and mentally to put an offer in on the home right than. You have to think to yourself, I saw the home and liked it, someone came before me and saw the home and liked it and someone is coming after me to see the home and will probably like it. If you think this way you will put the offer in right than an there. 

If you are working with a Realtor they should know what the offer needs to look like and whether or not you should put in an offer above asking price. Offers above asking price are the norm in today’s market, so I would be prepared. As well, have the agent call the owner or listing agent on speaker phone with you in the room and have they ask them about if there are any offers on the table or what is the owner/seller looking for in an offer. Most importantly have them ask if the home is still available. These ideas go for both renters and buyers alike. 

Once the offers are in than proceed with caution. Get your appraisers and inspections lined up as well as your commitment letter from the bank if you are buying. If you renting make sure to have your proof of income, good faith deposit and application. As well, make sure to have all your ducks in a row so that the closing is smooth. NOTE: Always check with your States/Cities laws or proceedings with purchasing or renting and make sure your Realtor is aware of them as well.

Well there you go, just the tip of the ice berg but definitely some items to think about and ponder. I hope it helps. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns just pick up the phone and call/text me at 954.610.9112 or email: acevedoremax@gmail.com I am here to help. 

Happy buying, selling or investing – there has never been a better time to do it than now!

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