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A vast majority of us love to have lush trees and plants around our homes. We want to have the tire swing or the hammock to relax or push our loved ones on but as I began to think about the lush vegetation that surrounds our home. I thought to myself, self…. I wonder if future home buyer or current home buyers have ever thought about the vegetation before they bought or plan to buy their home.

Now I am not writing this blog to scare anyone or cause you to go out and sell your home and build a bomb shelter 20 feet below ground just to be protected, all I am doing is just presenting an observation.

Now I am sure you have all seen that scene in Jumanji where the plants are basically taking over the home and one attempts to eat one of the children – just in case you don’t know what I am talking about here is a scene below – GREAT movie btw if you haven’t seen it.

Well I highly doubt any of us will buy a home with such plant life as this but I am sure we all have seen homes that have huge trees very near to the home or perhaps a vegetation that can be highly allergic. Now home many people have actually thought of checking into this before buying the home.

Home ownership is an awesome thing but I have seen far too many times that we will become focused on the building and that is completely understandable but I encourage you to look at the surround wild life and vegetation before putting pen to paper.

Some of you are probably thinking “well heck I’ll check up root the tree once I have the place and problem is now solved.” Your thinking would be sound however, some vegetation can put up a fight. I offer you some ideas 1) when purchasing a home check to make sure what types of vegetation surround your home 2) if you plan to remove some trees or other vegetation make sure that nothing is protected by the city or State because they can slap you with a nice fine 3) check the composition of your soil and the root systems of the trees that within reach (or better yet falling distance) to your home. Image

I’d hate for the above picture happen to your home. 4) I would check to make sure your drain field and/or septic or sewage system is not being or is going to be obstructed by plant or tree roots. 5) check to make sure that vegetation around your home is not poisonous or that anyone in your home is allergic to it 6) always think and plan for the impossible, especially when a storm is a coming. Make sure that if trees need to be stacked down so that if they do fall they fall away from the house. In addition keep your trees well trimmed and maintained.

Now please don’t live in fear I am simply encouraging you to be aware. Now not all trees will crash down on your home but since I live in South Florida we do have many palm trees and I would highly encourage you to keep your trees maintained. The palm branches can come down on your roof and damage tiles or can harm you or your family.

Well I hope my post today was not too scary but i was just outside with one of our dogs and thought I would provide you with this insight. (video where my inspiration came from is below).

Thank you all for your time in reading this post and I hope you have a great day and the rest of the weekend. As always, if you have an questions, comments or concerns feel free to email:acevedoremax@gmail.com or call/text 954.610.9112.

Happy buying,selling or investing – there is no better time to start than today!