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ImageWho ever really thinks about parking spots and what type of vehicle their driving or own. I offer to you to consider these points. Now if you plan to buy/ rent a single family home than you may be able to park and/or have any vehicle(s) you’d like to have but for those of us who will be dealing with an Home Owner’s Association (HOA) may have something else coming. Could you imagine going through the whole process of looking and putting in offers for your new home when this new neighborhood doesn’t allow you to park you white work van? I know this sounds crazy but I only address this issue because I have witnessed it first hand. As well, some communities don’t even allow large trucks. It’s nuts but hey the rules are rules. So I caution you to ask what vehicles are able to be parked outside of the home or if your dealing with a complex of sorts that you ask them what you are able to park in your spots. 

Now those of your who will be buying/renting a single family home I caution you to ask the current owners/sellers what vehicles does the city allow to be parked out front. Maybe you have a boat or a tracker or a taxi and guess what some communities do not allow them to be parked any where on the premises. Once again, I encourage you to ask these questions before you sign. 

For those of you who are looking to get into a community that has assigned parking spaces I would recommend that you ask 1) how many assigned spots do you get? 2) what is the policy on guest parking? & 3) What are the rules for over night visitors? These three questions should cover the basics because you’d hate to have your friend go out to their car in the morning and it be gone. Trust me I only advise this because it has happened to me and dealing with a Towing Company at 3 AM is no fun for anyone. 

Well I hope my words have provided some education for today. As always, if you ever want to get a hold of me please just email: acevedoremax@gmail.com or call/text 954.610.9112.

Have an absolutely amazing day. Happy buying, selling or investing – there has never been a better time to do so than now!