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Image          Happy Saturday everyone, Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo here from Hollywood, Florida of Superior Real Estate Team of Re/Max. I hope that your lovely weekend is off to a good start. I just have a break in my busy day of selling homes and working with buyers that I wanted to take a moment just to share some awesome thoughts about what you NEED to know before you present your property to the public.

The picture above is extremely cute but I think it makes an amazing point about sun light. The amount of sun light that enters a home is vital and is SO important when you take pictures of homes for the public to view. Remember you only have ONE chance to make a good impression, so you NEED to make it the BEST you can.

I never really understood why people allow horrible pictures of their home to make it onto the MLS (multiple listing service) or one of the many other sites that host information on homes for sale, rent or lease. It just blows me away. Well now that you are reading my words you won’t have this happen to you. So let’s hit some major points on how to display your home in the best manor possible, after all we need to knock our potential clients out of their seats the first time around.

Point 1: When you decide to take pictures of your home you need to make it look like no one lives there or do your best to make it look this way. Remove all personal items from the rooms or at least from the photo areas. You want to make it so that the future owners/renters can envision their stuff in the home and not yours.

Ex. Image VS.

From the pictures you can tell that the top photo has all types of items scattered about that could cause the potential owner the inability to envision their own possessions in the home. However, the second photo is much more open and gives the potential tenant/buyer the room to dream where their possessions would go. NOTE: This also includes people. Never have people in your photos, it throws off the viewer and gets their mind to wonder.

Tip # 2: The right amount of Sun light goes a long way. What I mean by this is that you need to make sure to take the pictures of the home on a nice bright sunny day, none of this partly cloudy nonsense. Also you need to make sure to take pictures when the sun is almost right over the home for full exposure.






Tip 3: Turn ALL the lights on in the home! Yes, even in the middle of the day. The more light the better, you wouldn’t want your true and radiant color on your walls to be represented as a nasty and ugly color would you? So let those lights burn. With the sun light and the lights in your home there should be plenty of light which is a GREAT thing to have.

Let me so you an example:

Image  VS.


TIP 4: Focus and direction are so important in everything. Make sure your pictures are in focus and not upside-down or slanted. It amazes me how many “professional” photos I see on homes that are out of focus and upside-down. Just don’t do it.

EX: Image

TIP 5: Make sure to take HIGH QUALITY photos of your home. The better the resolution the better off you are. You need to allow the future owners to really be able to “see” the home for the way it is. Also, when you upload them to the internet they may decrease in resolution so you need to be at the highest possible so you don’t lose too much.

TIP 6: The outdoors are just as important as the indoors. Make sure to clean up the yard and remove the cars out of the driveway. Remember the point of this exercise it to allow the potential buyers see their items in your home, including the outdoors. So do whatever it takes to make the outdoors as nice as the indoors. I would even recommend calling out a professional lawn company a few weeks prior to make sure your grass and vegetation is in the condition it needs to be. This simple act might be the difference between you selling your home quickly or not at all.

& Lastly TIP 7: When you do take photos, please take a lot of them and make sure you upload the maximum you can. The more the better. Trust me when I run across a home on the internet that has only one or two photos I just skip over it and guess what, everyone else is probably doing the same. One last thing, you really ought to take a video tour of your home and throw it up onto YouTube. This will put your home above the rest. Start on the outside and work your way in but be sure not to catch yourself or anyone else in the video.

Well my lovely readers, I surely do hope this helps you in your desire to sell your home. I know there are tons of other tips and if you would like more just email me Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo of Superior Real Estate Team in Hollywood, Florida at acevedoremax@gmail.com or call/text at (954) 610-9112.

As always happy buying, selling or investing – there has never been a better time to do it than now!