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Greetings my fellow readers, Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo of Superior Real Estate Team of Re/Max in Hollywood, Florida here.

Today I thought I would share with you 10 (not 5) great ideas of ways you can increase the value of your home. After being in the South Florida Real Estate market for so long, I have found that these ideas can really help in the value as well as assisting you in selling your home in the desired amount of time. I hope you find these ideas as inspiring as I have. As always, If you ever need any guidance or assistance on any of these ideas feel free to call/text me Eddie (954) 610-9112 or email me at acevedoremax@gmail.com. You know by now I would be more than happy to help.

1)      Why build on another room, when you can invent one

Main floor master bedrooms, baby nurseries and crafting rooms are desirable but many homes don’t have them. So if you have a den, attic, or bonus room, decorate it to look like one of those listed above. However, always be sure to cater to what your potential buyers are looking for.

2)      The More Seating Areas the Better

An empty stone terrace becomes an instant second dining room with the addition of patio furniture. Add to that, the furniture emphasizes the size of the space and creates a destination. It is important to create spaces like this throughout the home, both on the inside and out.

3)      Call an Inspector


I recommend that you call an inspector out to the house before you list the home. You will be more likely to discover problems with the house after hiring an inspector. Imagine if these problems could have been caught prior to selling the home. If the inspection does not occur and problems are found in the selling process this can result in lost sales or reduced selling prices. So, why not hire an inspector before you put your house on the market? That way, any issues can be addressed, or disclosed, beforehand.

4)      Fix Right For Your Home Type

Every home has a personality and a function. Buyers seeking a little lakeside cabin aren’t looking for granite countertops. So, don’t add them. Young families aren’t looking for an elaborate master bath. So focus on the yard. The cozy look of a wood interior is what buyers want from a log cabin. So, don’t paint or drywall. Stain the deck, instead. Always be sure to think about what will be driving your potential buyers to purchase your home. This little exercise can really make all the difference.

5)  Why Buy New Cabinetry When You Can Get Creative With Cabinetry You Have

I read an interesting piece about painting/modifying your cabinetry as opposed to buying new cabinetry. “By painting the cabinets instead of purchasing new ones, the owner was able to create a wonderful space without investing in new cabinetry.” Changing the hardware is another way to update cabinetry without buying new. Little modifications like these are small details that can be change to enhance the value and presence of the home.


6)      Landscaping & Potted Plants

Set at a front entry way, three large terra-cotta pots filled with colorful blooms create instant curb appeal and who wouldn’t want that. Be the house that looks amazing from the curb. Landscaping is an amazing addition that can be done to a home simply and with minimal money spent. Simply by lining the perimeter of a deck or terrace with potted annuals enhances those spaces. As well, sprinkling some new seed down on the lawn could revitalize the yard all together. I encourage you to take a step away from your home and see it for what it looks like from the car.

7)      Go Storage Area Crazy


Buyers want storage. And sellers need homes that look open, organized and spacious. Even a basic wire-rack closet system will make a basic closet look like an efficient storage space. And adding a freestanding wardrobe to a room that lacks a closet, such as a den, allows you to present it as a nursery or guest room. Always, think about the simply things like adding storage space where possible to enhance the appeal and desire for your home.

8)      Don’t Decorate, Un-decorate

It’s so important to allow the future buyers to be able to see the home as if it were their own. Be sure to remove as many personal affects as possible from the home before showing the home or taking photographs or a virtual tour of the home. Paring down the rooms lets their warm and welcoming appearance come through. I would recommend you do the same for the outside areas of the home as well, such as the patio or deck.

9)      Opt For Shine


Shiny faucets and shiny floors give any house an instant facelift. And the cost can run as low as some well-chosen cleaning supplies that you can buy at your local supermarket. Beyond this, adding new bathroom and kitchen fixtures, even if they aren’t high end, or choosing shiny countertops if you’re renovating can be a smart move. When I sell a home I always think of the new home look that is free of finger prints and shines a brightly as the Florida sun.

10)  Change Out Your Lighting


Adding new ceiling features can instantly update the look of a home. Ceiling fixtures tend to get hung, and then forgotten, which means they look dated before long. Inexpensive replacements from a home improvement store can make a room look more current–especially if the house is being shown empty. Whatever fixtures you do place in the home make sure that those will be the ones staying when the home is sold. If you desire to take them with you be sure to disclose that information upfront.[1]

Have an awesome and dry day!!

[1] Many of these awesome ideas came to me when I was reading various articles on Forbes.com and in their magazine. I have utilized what I read to our market demands and it has been such a great tool for me to use.