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Hi Everyone, Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo of Superior Real Estate Team reporting in from Sunny South Florida. So I just had to share about an Awesome Dentist I found today and all her amazing team. Her name is Dr. Saba Rizvi and she is the dentist @ Affordable Dental Center located at 8278 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, FL 33322‎ their phone number is (954) 578-6869. Also be sure to visit their website at affordabledentalcenter.com

I wrote a Short & a Long Review below and I have included the $50.00 referral card I received so that ANYONE can take advantage of this amazing dentist office and their AWESOME Team. 


Short Review: Amazing Group of People. Professional, Affordable, Masters of their craft, One of A Kind, Loving and Caring!! I would bring ANYONE and EVERYONE here!! If you need ANY sort of Dental work done, DON’T CALL or GO anywhere else!! Affordable Dental Center is the PLACE TO GO!!!

Longer Review: So the pain all started on Friday (10/4), I bit down on a piece of food improperly and something just went wrong. The pain was sharp and throbbing and with cold compresses and some pain medication I was able to handle it. I began my searching for a dentist and came across Affordable Dental Center. I read the few reviews they had and decided to reach out to them. This dental practice is one step ahead of everyone. They have an option where you can book an appointment online and so I did this on Saturday. I knew they were closed and in all honesty, I didn’t expect to get a phone call. Well I made it through the weekend and I awoke on Monday morning to a voice mail from Mrs. Avlyne (Their front desk coordinator). She listened and ask if I’d like to come in right away so that I can have the issue handled. I spoke to her at 9 AM and was there at 10 AM. I arrived to smiling Mrs. Avlyne and was asked to fill out some paper work and once that was over I was seen immediately. They knew I was there to have an issue handle so they were straight to the point. I believe, Luz (dental assistant) took my X-ray – she was super nice and caring by the way, and than Dr. Saba Rizvi was in immediately. She actually read what I wrote down on the sheet and took a few minutes to get to know me and than we were off to the races. She looked at the X-rays and listened to my story and pain and then did the examination. She concluded that I needed a Root Canal and a Crown or I could pull the tooth. I decided to go the Root Canal way because I didn’t want another tooth pulled. I mean we only have so many. The quote was drafted up for the procedure and they also told me about various financing options to help bare the load. The entire time I was there I felt taken care of and valued. I never thought I would get both at a dentist office. We figured out everything and I was taken in to have the Root Canal done. Now I can handle pain and from all the horror stories I heard in the past about Root Canals I was ready for the worst. In my mind I thought BRING IT ON!! Dr. Saba Rizvi told me that she was going to do her best to get the Root Canal done in one sitting and so we began. All I have to say about the procedure was WHAT A WALK IN THE PARK, Dr. Saba Rizvi is truly a master at her craft. I didn’t feel a thing. I assume the anesthetic was placed in all the right places and she just worked her magic. I can’t lie, I did flinch two times and each time the Dr. took notice of it and asked if I was ok. She asked me this numerous times just to make sure. Nicole, her other dental assistant, was also very kind and assisted throughout the procedure as well. I cannot believe how PAIN FREE this whole thing went. So I was done with the procedure and was given my papers and I have one more appointment on Tuesday for the Crown and well that’s my story.

If you are looking for a professional, affordable, friendly, kind, loving, careful, patient and AWESOME dentist than you NEED to go here. Well this is Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo of Superior Real Estate Team signing off. If you have any questions or you want to hear this story from the horses mouth please feel free to email acevedoflorida@gmail.com or Call/Text (954) 610-9112. God bless.