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Now I know the video above is rather shocking and I truly hope no one was hurt in the accident but this is the best example I could find for what could happen when we don’t pay attention to proper measurements or signs. 

I have seen it far too often that someone falls in love with a new home and they forget to take the measurements of the home or they even forget to ask about the size all together. So I am writing this post to provide you with some awesome ideas to help you place your furniture just right. 


When you finally find the home you love you need to come prepared to take some measurements of the room’s dimensions. Yes, you can visit your local counties’ website for the “city plans” of the property but they do not account for any “modifications” that have been done to the home. So you may not want to look to these documents for total guidance.

So now that you have your piece of paper, pen and measuring device. ** Let me stop here for a moment. You need to have either a tape measure or an electronic tape measure to make this measurements. None of this, use your foot or arm as a measuring tool. Trust me you will be thankful in the end.** 

Since you have all the proper tools you begin your task. I recommend that you measure the width and height of every door frame you plan to travel through. Next move on to the rooms. Take measurements of all places you think  your furniture will be. Don’t get round up numbers here, you will need specifics. 

As well, you will want to sketch out how every door opens, including closets. Also you will want to make sure you keep in mind the weight of your furniture and the surface you will be placing it on. Weak tiles and heavy China cabinets don’t work well together. You may also want to take measurements of how high up the ceiling is because you may have an entertainment system that may be a bit too tall for the home. 

Now that you have your measurements go home and measure all your furniture. I would recommend that you map out where you plan to put the items and how you plan to get it there. Some of you up to this point may think that I am nuts but trust me this will create less headaches and fights if you figure it out now rather than on the day. 

Also a word to the wise, if you plan to paint, install new windows or even put up crown molding I recommend you do it before the move in. Just a thought. 

Well I hope my thoughts will help you in your move. Below are some pretty cool websites that will help you even further. As always this is Eduardo (Eddie) Acevedo of Superior Real Estate Team of Re/Max here in Hollywood, Fl – Happy buying, selling or investing!! 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me at acevedoremax@gmail.com or call/text me at (954) 610-9112.

Websites to check out: